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Luke Bertot


Born: 1990
Degree: Ph.D in Computer Science
Organization: University of Strasbourg
Research: member of the RESIST team at INRIA Nancy
Teaching: fromerly Teaching assistant (ATER) at IUT Robert Schuman (2-year undergraduate studies)
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Simulating Scientific Workloads in IaaS clouds

My work revolves around the execution of scientific/industrial workloads in cloud environments.

The virtually unlimited resources offered by cloud operators could be leverage for the execution of some scientific workloads. However combining the provisioning of resources with the scheduling of tasks in variable environments offers new challenges.

I have worked on integrating this variability in simulations to build tools for studying and predicting the execution of batch jobs in cloud environmentsz. These can be used to :



IUT Robert Shuman

While working on my thesis I was a teaching assistant at a 2-year undergraduate school in Strasbourg (France). IUTs have a selective application process to limit classes to 100~120 students and have a strong emphasis on practical work though tutorials (in groups of ~35 students) and lab sessions (in groups of ~15). As a TA most of my work as was in tutorials and lab sessions :